India is an intoxicating cultural cocktail for the traveler. As the world’s most multidimensional country, India can be overwhelming no matter where you go or what you do. Travelers love her or hate her. And then there are those who love to hate her until she grows on them and they return to her again and again. To enjoy a journey through India it to its fullest, expect the unexpected. Suspend your long held convictions and open your mind to the contrasts, the contradictions and the greatness that is India.

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A land with a rich cultural heritage and deep rooted spiritual mysticism, India offers something for everyone. Whether you’re on shoe-string budget or want the lap of luxury; whether you seek exciting active adventures or rest and relaxation, India offers this and much more. History and architecture buffs will be spell bound by the myriads of forts and temples. For those on a spiritual quest, India reveals an inner peace and tranquility despite its outward chaos. The foodie in you can savor a seductive smorgasbord of specialties as varied as the people of India. And if you happen to be a shopaholic, India is definitely a paradise for you.

India is all of these and more. India is her people – the most welcoming, warm and friendly. Come discover one of the oldest civilizations in the world.


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