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travelers Nepal is the place that forms and realizes travel dreams. One travels to Nepal to see, to hike or to trek the world’s highest and most impressive mountains. As Rudyard Kipling wrote, the Himalaya is “a revelation of all might, majesty, dominion and power, henceforth, and forever, in color, form, and substance indescribable.” Check out Our Nepal Photo Gallery Lured by the country’s vibrant, madly chromatic culture one visits Nepal to meet its famously big-hearted people. A wondrous crossroads of religions, cultures, and geography, Hinduism holds sway throughout the country’s south while Buddhism flows across the northern border from the Tibetan Plateau. Both great faiths uniquely fuse with ancient animist beliefs and shaman rituals. Nepal is home to dozens of linguistic groups, tribes and castes, forming a rich and varied cultural mosaic. For a fulfilling journey, experiencing all aspects of this land-locked mountainous country is essential. Visit its great historical sites, explore its natural beauty and wildlife and most importantly meet the local people. Anybody with a spirit of adventure to explore the exotic can enjoy the thrills of trekking and its fascinating discoveries. You can choose to trek for 3 days or 35 days, choose to sleep under canvas tents or tea-lodges. Whatever your preference, Nepal welcomes you. For the Nepalese, taking care of you is a sacred duty: a part of a cultural heritage that is as old as the HIMALAYAS. Travel with Tara to Nepal