Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka’s abundance of happy discoveries range from fabled lost cities, shrines rivaling the Egyptian pyramids, gigantic statues, sensuous frescoes and exotic festivals and rituals. With its multi-ethnic & multi religious society, we marvel at Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage with over 2000 years of recorded history. This endows the island with a legacy of colorful festivals like the Kandy Esala Perehara (August) and the Hindu festival of Vel (July) in Colombo. Sri Lanka’s cultural depth is recognized by it numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites like the sacred cities of Anuradhapura and Kandy, the Temple of Dambulla, the ancient city of Sigiriya, the Old Town of Galle and several others.

For a fun-filled holiday of rest and relaxation this tear-drop shaped island offers a thousand miles of sun dappled beaches, mist clad mountains with cascading waterfalls, myriad orchids in bloom, aromatic spice gardens and Lipton’s famed tea gardens, game parks teeming with wildlife from elephants and leopards to birds and butterflies. There are also the legendary gem mines where King Solomon found sapphires and rubies to woo the Queen of Sheba as did the English, to adorn the Imperial Crown and the engagement rings of Princess Diana and Catherine, the Queen-to-be. No wonder Mark Twain rapturously exclaimed, “Dear me, it is beautiful! What a dream it was of tropical splendors of bloom and blossom and Oriental conflagrations of costume! Such stunning colors, such intensely vivid colors, such rich and exquisite mingling and fusions of rainbows and lightning, all harmonious, all in perfect taste!”

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